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SN100C – Leaflet

The global electronics market is currently tackling
lead-free issues. Various institutions and research de-
partments continue to evaluate the options, mean-
while many manufacturers of electronic devices and
components have already embraced lead free solde-
ring. At the present time the stabilised tin/copper and
tin/copper/silver (S.A.C.) systems are emerging as
the most popular.
The drawback of a basic SnCu-eutectic alloy is that
an unacceptable number of bridges and short-circuits
result under normal soldering conditions. Unfortun-
ately, this bridge formation cannot be reduced by ad-
justing the process parameters, e.g. by using a more
active flux, a slower processing speed or appropriate-
ly-sized solder pads.
In order to ensure that the electronics industry bene-
fits from the best possible production conditions de-
spite the elimination of lead, Balver Zinn, DKL and
FCT Assembly have joined forces with Nihon Superior
to launch the SN100C range of Lead-Free solders.

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