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USC400 Optional Ultrasonic Cleaning Bowl


USC400 optional Ultrasonic Bowl for cleaning of small items such as Nozzles and Needles. Requires USC400 system for use.

A compact Ultrasonic Cleaning Bowl for use with the USC400 Cleaning system. It is connected to a dedicated socket on the back panel of the USC400 Ultrasonic generator unit, which is utilized as the source of Ultrasonic energy for driving the bowl. The units bowl requires only 80 – 100 ml of cleaning fluid to fill to a sufficient level making it very economical in use as fluid can be desposed of after each cleaning job. Cleaning power for the Stainless Steel bowl is transmitted by a single large industrial 40 watt, 40KHz Transducer bonded to the underside. A 0 – 30 minute run back timer is fitted to allow unattended operation. A panel mounted switch provides continuous, timer option or on off control. The system is intrinsically safe having no mains power connection and is driven by the Ultrasonic Generator output alone. Typical applications include cleaning Pick and Place vacuum nozzles, adhesive dispenser needles and other small nozzle type components. In use, to fully clean blocked nozzles quickly, a fine wire should be pushed through the bore to provide a path for the agitated cleaning fluid. This allows the ultrasonically cavitated fluid to penetrate along the length of the contaminant rather than just attacking from both ends of the nozzle bore.

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