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SPR 2300 (Ready Diluted) 5 litres


SPR 2300 (Ready Diluted) 5 litres – used in automatic cleaning systems to remove Flux from PCB’s after soldering.

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Surclean SPR 2300 ready diluted is an exceptionally strong semi-aqeous solution based on a combination of the exclusive Surclean Aprotic Solvent technology and a blend of water miscible solvents with dual action saponifiers. It is a non-foaming formulation specified for batch type ultrasonic cleaning tanks particularly but can also be used with fully automatic type systems which require a diluted solution rather than concentrate.

SPR 2300 dilute is used as supplied for maximum effectiveness. It is fully water rinsable and retains all the existing SPR2XXX attributes of low toxicity, low odour and 100% bio-degradability.

When used with fully automated dishwasher type cleaning systems, SPR 23000 should be collected either automatically in the system sump or manually by draining before the rinse cycle. This ensures the most economical usage rate and takes advantage of all the SPR 2000 series materials ability to operate high levels of residue contamination.

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