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Solder Bar / SAC387 Alloy / 1 Kg.


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DKL E-Qual 96TSC is a high quality SAC387 type alloy based on patented technology from IOWA State University Research Foundation, and is fully patent license paid. It is suitable as an all round substitute for Tin/Lead alloys in all types of Electronics Soldering operations. It has been proven in Wave, Selective, and Dip bath type Soldering systems. It is a true Eutectic alloy so has no melting range span, and is the lowest melting point, high Tin, Lead free alloy available without resorting to the addition of undesirable additions. Copper and other contaminent levels should be monitored by periodic analysis. DKL offer a bath analysis service for users of their Solder bar products. Contact either Surclean or DKL for further information. Copper levels can usually be controlled by top-up with E-Qual 96TS Copper free alloy. Equal 96TSC is compatible with all types of flux including Surclean Brightflow 210LF. Standard stock bar size is 1 Kg.

Weight 1 kg
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