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Deionized high purity water


Deionized high purity Water.

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Surclean deionized water is a high purity level DI water processed through multiple filter technologies to provide a laboratory level quality. It is first filtered through multiple particle filters which removes particulates including spores, algae,parasites and particulates down to 0.1 microns. Then it is passed through an activated Carbon filter to remove harmful chemicals such as Chlorine and any remaining earth contaminants. Next it is filtered through a UV purificatiion unit which kills waterborne viruses and bacteria, an lastly through a mixed bed resin Ion exchange filter to deionize the water. The bulk water is then packed in a Cleanroom class 100 area into pre-washed UN approved containers. Quality levels are acceptable for many laboratory applications including solution make up and lab glassware rinsing. It easily meets the standards requirements for Electronics manufacturing for a variety of applications such as PCB final rinsing after aqueous washing, top up fluid for Ionic contamination test systems, and final rinse solutions in washing machines. Coductivity is typically <1.0uS/CM (resistivity >1.0 meg Ohms-CM).Typical total organic content is less than 50 ppb and bacterial count below 1 cfu/ml. It is also availble in 25 litre containers and 1 litre trigger sprays.

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1 Litre Trigger Spray, 5 Litre Container, 25 Litre Container

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