Materials Packing & Shipping Information

Product Number – codes

Product Numbers are defined in a block of 4 – by codes
1 / 2 / 3 / 4
-- / -- / -- / --

  1. Production Material i.e. SO Solvent Flux Cleaners
  2. Product Identifier i.e. SC Screenclean
  3. Pack Size i.e. 25 25 litres
  4. Packaging Type i.e. AE  Aerosol

Packaging Types


All products will be supplied in cardboard boxes other than 25 Litre containers and Ecobox that will strapped to / film wrapped onto a pallet type base.

The cardboard boxes used will contain the following quantities of product. These quantities are the 'MINIMUM' order quantity. Product types can be mixed to make up the minimum quantity. Tubs are available in 2 package sizes [a] mixed products or [b] same product.

Underscreen Cleaner Rolls

All rolls are supplied in boxes containing 25 rolls – Rolls are priced per roll.


All transport costs are EXTRA

For full detailed packaging and shipping information please download our latest product listing.