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Tronex Precision Cutter - 5612

mfr Code: TRX - 5612

Weight: 0.01 Kg

Tronex Precision Cutter - 5612

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Tronex 5612 Tronex 5612 Cutters - Head Tronex 5612 Cutter - Profile Tronex 5612 - Profile spec.
1 - 5 Tools £40.90 ex. VAT
6 - 10 Tools £40.35 ex. VAT
11+ Tools £39.75 ex. VAT

About the Product

The Tronex 5612 Precision Flush Cutters are strong but compact cutters for general purpose PCB work on soft Copper wire/leads fro 0.3mm to 2.0mm (29 - 12 AWG). The Tronex 5612 features a semi relieved head for good access and leaves a flush cut with minimal pinching and no stress on the cut lead.  

Tronex tools are 100% manufactured in California, U.S.A. to the highest standards of precision. Over twenty five years Tronex tools have become established as the finest professional tools in the world due to several distinct areas of design;

Superior Cutting Performance - Tronex Cutters will cut hundreds of thousands of times. They cut accurately at both the tip and the entire blade length on lead diameters thinner than a human hair with no burrs.

100% Quality Assured - Every Tronex Cutter is individually factory checked for function. Tronex guanrantees every tool against material or manufacturing defects for its entire service life. 

Unique Tronex Design Features -                                                                                                      Large hardened and ground pivot nut - for high load resistance.                                         Delrin Pivot Washer - Eliminates metal wear and reduces friction.                                             Matched bearing faces - minimizes metal to metal contact.                                                               Fine pitched pivot lock screw - for accurate factory setting of pivot box joint.

Choice of Handle Length - All Tronex tools are available in standard or long ergonomic handle length. Tronex tool handles extend the entire grip length to give the tool strength and balance.

Cushioned Ergonomic Grips - All Tronex tools have double cushion grips surrounding the steel handles. These ergonomic grips have a non slip surface and are static dissipative for ESD safety.

The Tronex 5611 features a longer and wider cutter head for higher capacity cutting, whilst still maintaining a small enough profile for finer work and good visual access.


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