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Taiyo RX-802ASPH Nitrogen assisted Soldering Station

mfr Code: Taiyo RX-802ASPH

Weight: 4.1 Kg

Taiyo RX-802ASPH Nitrogen assisted Soldering Station

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RX-802ASPH N2 Soldering System RX-802ASPH Handpiece RX-802ASPH Tip unit RX-802ASPH - NC-100R Typical setup.
RX-802ASPH + NC-100R 1 - 3 units £1,345.00 ex. VAT
RX-802ASPH + NC-100R 4 - 6 units £1,288.00 ex. VAT
RX-802ASPH + NC-100R 7 - 10 units £1,225.00 ex. VAT

About the Product

The Taiyo RX-802ASPH system combines the standard RX-802AS with the NC-100R Nitrogen generator and flow controller to allow Nitrogen pre-heat and inert shielded soldering operations. Advantages of the N2 assisted process include faster soldering throughput, lower temperatures (typically similar to those used for Tin/lead alloys), less oxidation, improved wetting and better solder fillet shape. The Nitrogen shroud is integrated into the tip/heater unit, and is only 6.4mm diameter. This addition add less than 5 gms to the weight of the handpiece over the standard RX-802AS tool. Likewise, the N2 feed tube to the handpiece is only 1.8mm diameter and very flexible so that handling is unaffected.  is the most advanced temperature controlled Lead free Soldering Station available. The NC-100R N2 generator/flow controller has a similar footprint to the RX-802ASPH station, which is usually stacked on top so that the bench footprint is the same as for the standard station. The only service requirement for the NC-100R is dry, clean compressed air at a maximum of 4 litres per minute. The RX-802ASPH retains all functions of the standard  RX-802AS station including a high power output (72 watts), a very compact slimline handpiece with a warm up time to working temperature of six seconds, and advanced programmable features including sleep and shutdown functions, solder time alarm, and high/low temp. alarms. Restart from sleep mode is initiated by touching the tip onto the wet sponge in the tool stand. Tips can be changed in seconds using the Taiyo patented slide change system. A small slide lever is built into the handpiece handle. When this is slid forward, the integrated tip/heater unit is pushed out of the handpiece. it can then be easily removed by holding and pulling the plastic housing of the tip/heater. The operator does not come into contact with hot components of the tip at any time. The required replacement tip/heater unit is then plugged in. For safety, tip heating does not start until the unit's on/off switch is cycled. Because of the speed and ease of tip change, one station can be used for a range of soldering operations on one job, rather than re-handling a batch of boards. The RX-802ASPH incorporates a patented soldering time alarm which sounds if the tip is left in contact with the component for longer than a specified time (programmable). Components of known time temperature sensitivity can be protected and statistical reliability of assemblies improved. All the stations have a calibration function so that the same peak temperatures are presented to the assembly through all operators. The RX-802AS shows outstanding heat recovery. A compact high output Nichrome heater combined with a high sensitivity temperature sensor at the tip means there is almost no temperature fluctuation during heavy load continuous soldering operations even on high thermal mass assemblies.

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