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Taiyo RX-711AS Lead free Soldering Station

mfr Code: Taiyo RX-711AS

Weight: 1.55 Kg

Taiyo RX-711AS Lead free Soldering Station

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Taiyo RX-711AS Soldering Station RX-711AS Cover RX-711AS Handpiece RX-711AS Front Panel
RX-711AS 1 - 5 Units £192.00 ex. VAT
RX-711AS 6 - 9 units £179.00 ex. VAT
RX-711AS 10+ units £166.00 ex. VAT

About the Product

The RX-711AS is the most economical digital lead free Soldering Station in the Taiyo range, whilst retaining key benefits of the more expensive and complex models in the range. It features a high power output (60 watts) packed into a compact ergonomic handpiece. The RX-711AS has its temperature sensor integrated into the end of the heater unit for fast response to loading and good tip temperature stability, even during heavy soldering operations. This means a lower peak overall temperature is required and a reduced risk of thermal shock to sensitive components. The RX-71AS uses a reliable long life plug in ceramic heater with seperate tips for low running costs. These are available in a wide range of tip designs for all types of work and feature an extra thick Iron plating layer for longer life and reduced erosion under lead free production Soldering conditions. The Solder tool is driven from a 24 volt electrically isolated output with a 500 volts Dc insulation resistance for safety. Electrical leakage throught the tip is less than 2 mV for safety with all types of Micro devices. The system is static safe and has a ground resistance of under 2 ohms. The RX-711AS is fitted with a protective cover which can be fixed to prevent unauthorised alteration to either the tool temperature or calibration settings whilst still allowing on/off control. 

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