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Taiyo RX-852AS Soldering Station

mfr Code: Taiyo RX-852AS

Weight: 4.9 Kg

Taiyo RX-852AS Soldering Station

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Taiyo RX-852 Solder Station Tip change system
RX-852AS system 1 £483.00 ex. VAT
RX-852AS system 2 - 5 £469.00 ex. VAT
RX-852AS system 6 - 10 £458.00 ex. VAT
RX-852 system 11+ £442.00 ex. VAT

About the Product

The Taiyo RX-852AS is the most powerful, compact, Soldering Workstation available. It packs 150 watts of heating power into a compact slimline handpiece. The RX-852AS accepts a wide range of heater/tip units including the range fitted to the smaller RX-802AS. This means that the system is capable of configuration for soldering the finest component all the way through to 22 sq. mm copper wire.It is ideal for varied work such as multilayer PCB's with heavy power and ground planes, heatsinks and solid power tabs. Warm up time from cold using the high power tips is 14 seconds maximum, and 6 seconds using the slimline 802AS series tips. The RX-852AS offers sophisticated programmable control options including an adjustable sleep modes with tip touch restart (patented) to extend the tip life. Also unique to Taiyo is an advanced soldering time alarm system to prevent overheating of the assembly. A programmable alarm sounds if the tip is left in contact with the component longer than the specified time. This helps to prevent operators from overheating sensitive components and assists in maintaining the statistical reliability of the finished assembly in service by ensuring that the soldering cycle is within the recommended time/temperature envelope.

All Taiyo tips feature extra thick, low porosity Iron plating for extended life during Lead free soldering operations. Fast tip changes for different job types is easy with the unique Taiyo slide change system (patented). A slide lever built in to the tool handle releases the tip which has a cool plastic sheath for safe handling. The replacement tip is inserted so that the whole process takes a few seconds. No other manufacturer of Solder Stations offers such a balanced range of advanced functionality, ergonomic ease of use and high quality cconstruction.


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