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Taiyo Lead Free Solder Pot - 28C

mfr Code: TAIYO - SP - 28C

Weight: 0.8 Kg

Taiyo Lead Free Solder Pot - 28C

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1 - 3 units £178.50 ex. VAT
4 - 9 units £171.45 ex. VAT
10+ units £166.50 ex. VAT

About the Product

The Taiyo type 28-C Solder Pot is a compact high quality unit designed specifically for dip tinning of relatively large components using Lead free Solder. It is suitable for all types of lead free alloys. The 28-C has an operating temperature range of 270 - 530 degrees C. because it has a large pot size with a Solder capacity of 300 gms and responsive control, it does not require to be run at excessive temperatures even when dipping large components. This reduces the rate of dross generation and thereby lowers running costs per dip. Typical melting times from a cold start (at max. setting and Solder load) is 10 minutes. Power consumption is 130 watts maximum. heating is by a long life Nichrome heater.

Technical Specifications:- 

Unit external dimensions - 150mm L x 90mm W x 87mm H. 

Weight - 650 gms.

Power requirements - 220/240 Volts AC 50/60Hz 130 watts consumption max.

Internal Pot dimensions - 36mm dia x 36mm high. 

Solder capacity - 300 gms. 

Pot material - specially coated Stainless Steel specified for Lead free Solder.

Operating temperature range - 270 - 530 degrees Centigrade.

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