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SMT LFR400 Reflow Oven

mfr Code: SMT - LFR400 - RO

Weight: 400 Kg

SMT LFR400 Reflow Oven

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LFR400 Relow Oven LFR400 Reflow Oven LFR400 Reflow Oven LFR400 Loading end LFR400 Oven top cooling module LFR400 Left hand end
1 LFR400 Oven £15,000.00 ex. VAT

About the Product

The SMT LFR400 Reflow system is a high powered 8 zone computer controlled Oven designed specifically for Lead free soldering operations. It is designed and manufactured in our machine shops. All service, technical applications support and spares are supplied direct from our factory. SMT have sold over 1500 systems into 13 countries. The LFR400 is the culmination of over 21 years of designing and building Reflow Ovens. SMT LFR Reflow systems utilize our exclusive ADTEC control system. Benefits include less profiling for specific jobs or throughput, better process accuracy and lower peak temperature requirements for good solder reflow. SMT LFR Ovens have an exceptional Delta 'T' of less than 9 deg. C even on large complex assemblies.

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