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Xuron 450AS Anti-Static Precision Tweezer Nose Pliers

mfr Code: PT-XUR-450AS

Weight: 0.5 Kg

Xuron 450AS Anti-Static Precision Tweezer Nose Pliers

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About the Product

Xuron is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of precision grade ergonomic hand tools for the Electronics and Aerospace Industries. Xuron sets the benchmark for precision tools thanks to their multiple patented features such as Micro-Shearing action, non-protruding light touch return spring and enhanced ergonomic non slip Xuro-Rubber hand grips. Xuron combine these with the highest quality manufacturing standards and materials, such as high carbon alloy steel for the tool bodies and precision CNC grinding. This allows Xuron Pliers to have the accuracy to hold wires down to 0.001" diameter whilst still having the rigidity and strength to form larger componentn lead wires without leads popping free, tips mis-aligning or jaws crossing over. The blades are manufactured with slightly radiused edges to protect lead wires and full radiused blade backs to assist in low stress lead forming.  The enhanced Xuron ergonomics give benefits which include less effort to affect the same gripping pressure as normal pliers, reduced risk of repetitive strain injury and fatigue, less stressing of leads and components, and a consequential reduced risk of damage to work during gripping and forming operations.

The Xuron 450AS is an ultra precise needlenose Anti-Static Plier capable of gripping and holding wire less than 0.001" diameter but with the strength and rigidity to form wire component leads without distorting the tip alignment. It features manufacture from a special high carbon alloy steel, CNC precision ground jaws heat treated to 56 Rockwell hardness for a very long service life. Multiple patented attributes include the non-protruding Light Touch linear response return spring guaranteed for the life of the tool, and advanced ESD safe Xuro-Rubber ergonomic shaped non slip grips. The 450 series Pliers have a fine entry head, with smooth gripper jaws, tapering down to 1.5mm for easy access on high density Assemblies with a jaw length of 20mm for good visiblity. They are finished with a matt Black Chemical oxide non glare finish and have a very light weight of 48 gms for added precision during positioning. The precision ground blade edges have a small radius which allows reliable forming of the finest guages of lead wire without damage and full radius blade backs for back forming lead wires.    

Technical Specifications

Tool length - 127mm   Tool width - 49mm   Jaw width max - 10mm   Jaw nose - 1.5mm      Jaw length - 20mm (31mm from pivot C. line)   Weight - 48gms.


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