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Ecowipe Screenclean 100 economy stencil wipes - 200 sheets

mfr Code: WP-EW100-200-T

Weight: 0.75 Kg

Ecowipe Screenclean 100 economy stencil wipes - 200 sheets

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Each £9.15 ex. VAT

About the Product

Ecowipes are a lightweight but strong wipes made from Viscose and Rayon, and are low linting and absorbant. They are saturated with Surclean Screenclean 100 stencil cleaning fluid. Supplied as a tub of 200 wipes size 200mm x 220mm and perforated to tear off. Container supplied foil sealed for extended shelf life and with a resealable pull through wipe lid.

Surclean Screenclean 100 is a powerful but safe Propylene Glycol Ether blend formulated to quickly remove all Solder Paste and Adhesive residues, even when dried on to Stencils. It is capable of softening all the Resins and Rosin used in Paste and Adhesive within seconds. Screenclean 100 is non ozone depleting and low VOC. It does not form smog or persist within the atmosphere to form pollutants. It is fully bio-degradable and does not bio accumulate. It is low toxicity, low odour, has a high flashpoint and is economical in use.

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