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Class 100 Cleanroom MPM/445/457/68gm Stencil Roll

mfr Code: SR - MPM - 445 - 68C100

Weight: 0.375 Kg

Class 100 Cleanroom MPM/445/457/68gm Stencil Roll

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Each £6.50 ex. VAT

About the Product

A high quality under stencil cleaning roll manufactured and packed to Cleanroom Class 100 specification. The wiper material is a premium quality synerginistic blend of virgin Polyester and Rayon hydro-entangled into a high strength uniform fabric. It is specified to provide the optimum balance of attributes such as high absorbancy, toughness, abrasion resistance and freedom from particle generation. Surclean Cleanroom stencil cleaning rolls contain no wood pulp or re-constituted materials. They are stable when saturated with all types of industrial solvents and exhibit exceptional wet burst strength and dimensional stability. For Cleanroom use, each roll is individually filtered air washed, then packed into double plastic heat sealed bags in our own Class 100 Cleanroom facility for integrity.

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