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DKL Solder Paste PF-26FMQ (SN100C) - 40gm Techon

mfr Code: SP - PF26 - 40gm - TECH

Weight: 0.06 Kg

DKL Solder Paste PF-26FMQ (SN100C) - 40gm Techon

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1 - 4 Syringes 40gm £28.87 ex. VAT
5 - 9 Syringes 40gm £27.90 ex. VAT
10+ Syringes 40gm £27.25 ex. VAT

About the Product

DKL PF-26 is a SN100C alloy Lead free Solder Paste suitable for use in Air or Nitrogen Convection Reflow systems. It can also be used in Vapour Phase reflow systems. Residues are low and non corrosive. PF-26 has good prrint characteristics down to 16 mil pitch and 100 mm per second print speed. PF-26 is based on Nihon Superior patent alloy technology and is fully patent license paid. It features an exceptional tack time of up to 48 hours. PF-26 has a wide process window with peak reflow temperaturs typically up to 245 deg. C. Residues can be usually left, but if removal is required, localized cleaning can be carried out with Surclean Ecosolve 200 and 300, or Surclean SC2500 for batch type or automatic cleaning. Standard pack sizes are 500gm and 250gm tubs, and 40gm syringes.

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