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Pallet Clean 40 - 5 Litres

mfr Code: PC40-5-C

Weight: 5.3 Kg

Pallet Clean 40 - 5 Litres

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About the Product

Surclean Pallet Clean 40 is a strong Aqueous cleaner specified for effective removal of heavy burnt on deposits of Solder Flux from wave solder system pallets, carriers and similar tooling. It can also be used to clean conveyer chains and gripper fingers during planned maintainance operations. Pallet clean 40 is designed to be used in immersion type Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks equipped with heating. It should be operated at a minimum temperature of 24 degrees, and can be used at temperatures of up to 70 degrees Centigrade, which will aid and enhance cleaning performance.  Pallet Clean 40 has been tested to remove residues of many different Flux types from leading manufacturers, including Lead free and no-clean materials. Pallet Clean 40 is a strong Alkali type material, so care should be exercised when immersing sensitive metals. If necessary, any Aluminium Alloy parts should be tested for compatibility. If found to be susceptable, they can be removed as soon as free from residues, and the main composite tooling returned to the Ultrasonic cleaner. Pallet Clean 40 can clean without Ultrasonic agitation as long as it is heated and allowed to soak, with periodic removal from the bath to agitate the softened Flux residue with a stiff brush. Pallet Clean 40 will even clean old heavily contaminated carriers by repeated immersion in an Ultrasonic tank combined with periodic brushing to mobilise softened deposits. Once carriers are returned to a cleaned condition, they should be regularly cleaned before heavy Flux build ups accumulate to maintain their condition. Pallets removed from the cleaning solution should be rinsed with water, preferably warm, to remove contaminated material. All composite tooling absorbs moisture when immersed and must therefore be thoroughly dried before returning to service in a Wave Solder or Reflow process. Pallet Clean 40 can be used repeatedly until the level of contamination exceeds the ability of the water rinse to remove the mobilised flux and cleaner, or the level of Flux activators dissolved into the solution neutralises the Alkali level of the solution and cleaning performance is unnaceptable. The solution should then be replaced with fresh material. Standard pack availability is 5 litre and 25 litre containers. The material is supplied ready for use.

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