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Flux Pen - No Clean Flux type

mfr Code: RF - NC - PEN

Weight: 0.2 Kg

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1 - 5 Flux Pens NC £5.25 ex. VAT
6 - 10 Flux Pens NC £4.95 ex. VAT

About the Product

Surclean no clean  rework Flux Pens are suitable for rework/repair soldering operations on both Lead free and Lead alloy assemblies. It has excellent wetting abilities and is compatible with all solder alloy types and PCB finishes. The Flux may be left on the board or cleaned off with Surclean Ecosolve 200 and 300 for localized areas, or Surclean SC2500 Aqueous Flux Cleaner for batch cleaning,  and will not cause corrosion or degradation of the PCB's SIR performance. Because it has a very low solids content and is Rosin/Resin free, boards can be re-tested by ATE immediately after repair in the as reworked condition.

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