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Ecosolve 100 IPA/DI 500ml Trigger Spray

mfr Code: SO-E100-05-TS

Weight: 0.6 Kg

Ecosolve 100 IPA/DI 500ml Trigger Spray

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1 - 10 Sprays £5.77 ex. VAT
11 - 25 Sprays £5.10 ex. VAT
25+ Sprays £4.55 ex. VAT

About the Product

Ecosolve 100 is blend of high purity Isopropanol Alcohol (IPA) and de-ionised water recommended for gentle cleaning and rinsing operations on electronic assemblies. The de-ionised water in Surclean Ecosolve 100 is filtered to 0.1 um to remove all airborne spores, cysts and other particulates, carbon filtered to remove organic earth contaminants and finally filtered through a resin de-ionising system to a good level of non-conductivity. This allows Ecosolve 100 to be used as an intermediate or final rinsing cleaner for the removal of white residues from PCB's. Because the IPA and DI water forms an azeatrope, the evaporation rate is faster than water alone and because of the high level of water quality, the PCB is free from ionic contamination which in turn reduces the risk of in service failure of the assembly due to surface insulation resistance degradation. Ecosolve 100 is also recommended for the removal of mild finger print grease contamination and other similar sensitive cleaning tasks. Standard pack avaialbility is 500ml and 1 litre trigger sprays, and 5 litre and 25 litre bulk containers. 

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