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Labelsolve 20 400ml Aerosol

mfr Code: PM-L20-04-AE

Weight: 0.6 Kg

Labelsolve 20 400ml Aerosol

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1 Aerosol £7.50 ex. VAT
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About the Product

Surclean Labelsolve 20 is an effective cleaner for fast removal of porous paper labels. In use, Labelsolve 20 is applied over the whole area of the label and allowed to soak through the paper for between 10 - 45 seconds. The Aerosol is fitted with a controllable flow trigger actuater and an extension tube for economy and to prevent overspray. The label is then gently peeled away in a single piece. Any adhesive residues left behind can be cleaned away by a further application directly or by applying Labelsolve to a wiper and gently wiping away. Labelsolve 20 also has applications for removal of some impervious plastic labels. To remove, Labelsolve 20 is applied along one corner of the label. The edge is gently peeled away where the adhesive is softened with a scalpel or tweezers. Further applications of Labelsolve can then be made under the label along the adhesive edge so that the label can be progressively peeled away. Adhesive residues left behind are removed as before. Labelsolve 20 can also soften and remove aged and hardened label and sticker adhesive residues. Labelsolve is safe for use on allmost all plastics, but contact should be avoided on materials vunerable to solvent attack such as foam gaskets. Tests should be undertaken if in doubt. Labelsolve 20 is available in Aerosols, trigger sprays and bulk containers.  

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