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Ecosolve 200 400ml Aerosol

mfr Code: SO-E200-04-AE

Weight: 0.55 Kg

Ecosolve 200 400ml Aerosol

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1 - 10 Aerosols £5.75 ex. VAT
11 - 25 Aerosols £5.40 ex. VAT
25+ Aerosols £5.05 ex. VAT

About the Product

Ecosolve 200  is a strong solvent blend specified for a wide variety of cleaning applications, including removal of flux and uncured adhesives. It is slower drying and much more powerful than IPA whilst still being safe with almost all plastics, rubbers and elastomers. The longer evaporation time allows sufficient time, if needed, for brush agitation to mobilise and dissolve residues while there is still sufficient liquid cleaning solvent on the work piece. Ecosolve 200 is particularly effective therefore, when removal of heavy residue loadings is required, for example  rework flux and SMD adhesive. It is economical in use and combined with the lower vapour pressure, releases substantially lower levels of VOC's, into the environment than Isopropanol Alcohol (IPA). Ecosolve 200 will remove white residues from PCBs, and fulfil many other cleaning and degreasing tasks, and is a good all round precision cleaner for electronics manufacturing.

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