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Surlock 595

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About the Product

SURLOCK 595 is an OEM type Gasket material that forms in place, making almost any size and shape, replacing paper, cork etc. and eliminating relaxation and on load loss. The assembled parts are usually suitable for immediate Low Pressure (6 bar) service and once cured can resist 350 Bar pressures depending on gap size.


All formed in place applications such as gear box sealing, pump flanges, transmission assemblies, cover plates on tanks, cam shaft sealing, bearing gaps, outer housings, crank case and sump assemblies and flange pipe fittings.

Useful Hints/Notes

Two other special SUR590 series products are available:

  1. SUR595-HT for 200°C and retained strength.
  2. SUR595-FX for flexible gasketing and differentials of materials expansion.


Thixotropic gel which is screen printable, or suited to automation by “x”, “y” tables, to simple tube or cartridge dispensing. 

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