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Surlock 549-HS

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About the Product

SURLOCK 540-HS Hydraulic Seal is a thixotropic liquid which cures Anaerobically to form a tough, high pressure seal on all types of threaded couplings used on low, medium and high pressure lines.


SUR540-HS is used for all types of hydraulic connections, sealing against typical pressure line ratings, use Hydraulic Seal to fit valves, threaded couplings, adaptors, quick disconnect parts, compression fittings and vibration proofing joints.

Useful Hints/Notes

For fast cure, clean parts and apply local heat to joints with a heat gun or soft flame.


SUR540-HS is tolerant of a light oil film.  Seals up to 400bar, 20mm fittings. Vibration proofs joints. Easily dismantled with tools. 

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