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Surlock 270 Studlock

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About the Product

SURLOCK 270 Studlocker is a permanent (USA T71) red coloured general purpose adhesive for permanent threaded assemblies. SUR270 locks studs up to 1”, sealing against leakage and corrosion. It is chemical resistant, resisting fuels, lubricants and most Industrial Liquids and gases.


SUR270 Studlocker eliminates double nutting and/or welding of critical assemblies.  Using SUR270 Studlocker permits reduced casting thickness, and ultimate lightness, reduced assembly stress and eliminates cracked castings due to interference fit stresses.

Useful Hints/Notes

Using SUR270 Studlocker is easy, it is colour coded Red to assist in selection. Because of its chemical resistance it is ideal in applications such as a sealant for refrigeration plant, air conditioning, big plant and process equipment using corrosive chemicals.


Fast acting securing compound, giving retention strength and vibration proofing, typically 3000psi. 

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