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Surlock 252 Pipeseal with Teflon®

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About the Product

SURLOCK 252 White Pipeseal is an Instant Low Pressure sealant for fine and coarse threads up to 2” in diameter. SUR252 is unusual in that it does not fully cure until some 60 hours after application, allowing re-alignment of elbows and joints.


Replaces tapes and dopes, stops gas and fluid leaks on most metals and assists in lubricating during assembly. SUR252 will not shred or tear which would contaminate your system. Use SUR252 to seal against oils, gases, chemicals, water, steam etc.

Useful Hints/Notes

Wipe threads with clean shop cloth. Apply a continuous bead to 3rd or 4th thread depending on the thread length.


Instantaneous Low Pressure Seal. No locking action up to 48 hours. Easy break loose allowing re-alignment. 

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