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Surlock 242 Threadlocker

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About the Product

SURLOCK 242 Lock N Seal is a general purpose Removable Medium Strength product.  All removable Nut grades will hold all Metric and Imperial or conventional sized nuts and bolts, meeting the requirements of over 80% of fastening applications.  SUR242 Lock N Seal does not run off or drip and does not migrate after assembly.  Once applied, parts slip together easily, lubricated by the adhesive.


Replaces lock washers and plastic inserts.  Locks machine tool access bolts, studs and hydraulic system bolts.  Used on gear box bolts/driveshaft, bearing cover cap screws, counter sunk screws, conveyor roller bolts and construction equipment. 

Useful Hint/Notes

Using Lock N Seal is easy, the products are colour coded blue and once cured, they seal and vibration proof the assembly, giving controlled breakloose and prevailing torques.  Using conventional tools you can dissemble parts.  When force is applied, the parts breakloose (first movement) but it will take several turns before the cured film will stop resisting the turning action, thus ensuring against component disassembly.

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