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Surfix UV 303

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About the Product

SURFIX UV 303 is Thixotropic and cures with both UV and visible light of good intensity.

Designed for bonding plastics, it is ideal for rigid and flexible PVC’s in combination to Polycarbonate where a flexible joint is required or the ability to gap fill up to 0.25mm.

SURFIX UV 303 will also bond glass, metals, and most plastics.  UV 303 does not immediately stress crack materials, but will induce stress cracking if the dwell time prior to bonding is extended.  Tests should be carried out because of the variety of materials and shapes.

Curing is obtained in two ways.  UV cure at 365Nm @ min 50mW/cm2 is usual in 5 seconds to fixture, lower energy levels will increase the times, as will distance from lamps for dry to touch surfaces exposed to air.  UV at 260Nm is usually required.  Depth of cure is dependant on the energy, distance and time.

Typical depth of cure is rated at 100mW/cm2 for 30 seconds giving more than 10mm depth and at lower levels such as 30mW/cm2  a depth of 3-4mm was achieved in 30 seconds.  Type of lamp, distance and energy levels at the bondface will result in variation of cure, test should be carried out before proceeding to production.

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