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Surfix UV 404

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About the Product

SURFIX UV 404 is a flexible bevel bonder which utilises the latest urethane acrylate technology to produce a flexible uniquely styled glass bevel bonder.


UV 404 utilises the latest non yellowing resin systems which impart flexibility, increase speed of cure to fixturing while retaining the uniqueness of a wipe away or peelable gateway of resin outside of the bonded bevel.


UV 404 is specifically designed for glass bevel bonding. The initial tack holds firmly the bevel once in place and when exposed to an initial burst of low intensity UV light.

Working Properties

Exposure times and UV energy strength give a wide range of performances and require testing as cure times depend also on glass thickness and distance under a strong UV lamp of 50MW/cm2 cure can be as short as 5 seconds.  A typical 240 watt fluorescent  lamp at a short distance will give a 5mm glass thickness exposure time on a bevel of 30 seconds or less.

Typical bonds on UV tables can be made as follows.

Fixture of bevel under 10 seconds-15 seconds with outside material exposed to air remaining liquid allowing wipeaway.  A longer exposure 15-20 seconds will give a dry peelable film outside bondline.

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