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Surfix MA131

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About the Product

SURFIX MA131 is a two part A&B component system, which is fast setting when mixed via a static mix nozzle at room temperatures.  Because it is a high viscosity non-sag material, the mixed material is ideal for all types of gap filling requirements on steel, aluminium, polycarbonates and general plastics.  It is also very good on vertical surface bonds because it is an MMA Methacrylate it exhibits excellent structural strength even without priming the surfaces.  Because of its macro structure the bonds formed show excellent durability high peel strength even in big gaps and excellent solvent and environmental resistance, resisting fuels, lubricants cleaning chemicals and fluids.


Structural joining of metals, plastics, composite bonding and on ceramics where high impact strengths are needed.  Applications include wind turbine, vehicle roofs, fibreglass, sports goods, automotive spoilers, vents, housings.

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