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EX101 & EX105 Curing Accelerator

mfr Code: EX101 & EX105

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About the Product

The Accelerators are used for faster curing of Cyanoacrylates by depositing a buffering balance of neutralising ions on the surface, stimulating attraction for the adhesive and preparing the surface for bonding.


Accelerator EX101 is primarily designed as a plastics compatible accelerator or for post curing outside the bond line.  EX101 prevents absorption of the lower viscosity superglues into porous items. EX101 also helps to bridge gaps which decreases polymerisation time. The faster EX105 product functions in exactly the same way but at a faster rate of cure.

Useful hints/notes

The accelerators can be used to speed cure by brushing or spraying onto the surface, applying drop wise , then applying superglue, and then overspraying to cure fillets such as on a wire tacking jobs.


Fast drying EX100 Grades are a blend of flammable solvents. Care must be taken to avoid naked flames. EX101 has the ability to reduce odours and blooming but excessive deposits will increase blooming due to rapid polymerisation.  

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