The History of Surclean

A brief overview of us, our history, and products.

Surclean Electronic Production Materials is the consumables manufacturing division of Surface Mount Technology, the UK based Reflow system manufacturer. Surclean was established 7 years ago, initially to supply SMT's customer base. Within 2 years of starting, it had grown into an established manufacturer with its own developed product range. Since then it has grown at such a fast rate that it now accounts for over 70% of group turnover, and the expansion continues. All manufacturing and development is carried out in house. Surclean does not re-badge or re-market products from any other manufacturer.

A full laboratory and qualifying trials facility is maintained and Surclean technical support staff are happy to assist distributors and customers with testing for correct product selection, and with process applications advice. Surclean in house staff skills cover laboratory product development, through materials production, to Electronics production engineering.

This helps to give an extra level of comprehension and support for the customer, and better insight into their production problems and requirements. Surclean customers include many well known blue chip customers in 10 countries. To support long term expansion, and to further improve our laboratory and production facilities, Surclean is relocating nearby to a new purpose designed UK and European headquarters. This is presently nearing completion with occupation expected during Q3 2005.